The West Kowloon Law Courts Building. Photo: HK Government
The West Kowloon Law Courts Building. Photo: HK Government

An employer won a claim for HK$14,275 (US$1,818) for malpractice by an employment agency at the Small Claims Tribunal in Hong Kong on Monday.

The employer hired a Filipina domestic worker through the Hire Me Hong Kong Limited employment agency in May 2016, the Sing Tao Daily reported.

After signing the employment contract, he discovered the agency had covered up irregularities in the health report on the domestic worker. Later, the maid returned to the Philippines for holidays.

After returning, he discovered the maid had suffered from tuberculosis, but the agency had not informed him of the illness when it arranged for her to work for his family.

The woman was admitted to hospital due to the illness and was sent back to the Philippines.

The employer filed a claim against the employment agency for compensation, including the HK$6,900 agency fee, HK$600 for the medical checkup, HK$2,100 for an air-ticket to the Philippines and one-months salary for the domestic worker.

As the defendant was absent at the hearing, the adjudicator ruled for the claimant and ordered the employment agency to compensate him a total of HK$14,275.