Happy Valley on Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps
Happy Valley on Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps

Two drivers were injured when they collided and their cars hit and mounted a sidewalk in Happy Valley on Hong Kong Island on Thursday as they tried to avoid a domestic worker and a dog in the middle of the road.

At 1:30pm, a 52-year-old man was driving his Tesla along Wong Nai Chung Road near Broadwood Road and saw a domestic worker walking a Labrador Retriever cross the road, the Sing Tao Daily reported.

The man said the dog stopped in the middle of the road and refused to move despite the woman pushing it. He decided to move to the fast lane from the middle lane to avoid the woman and the dog but did not realize another vehicle was there.

The two cars hit each other and both slammed into a fence before hitting a shop and the glass door of a building. Debris and broken glasses was scattered across the road.

No pedestrians were hurt.

The two drivers were both injured. One was sent to hospital for treatment while the other sprained his hands but refused to go to hospital.

Police said the domestic worker and the dog fled the scene. A dog trainer said if a dog stops in the middle of a road, training is needed to get the dog to follow the lead.