Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino domestic worker in Dubai who was found guilty of sexually abusing an autistic boy has been cleared of all charges in an appeal court ruling.

In July, the 22-year-old domestic worker was sentenced to three years in jail after the Dubai Criminal Court heard that she sexually assaulted her employer’s eight-year-old autistic son, The National reported.

According to the employer’s Ethiopian domestic worker, the Filipina undressed in front of the boy and asked him to touch her. She also claimed that the Filipina repeatedly abused the boy, especially when his mother was abroad.

The mother became suspicious when she noticed a change in her son’s behavior. He became aggressive and started to touch her inappropriately whenever she took him for a shower.

After learning about the alleged abuse from her other domestic worker, the employer called the police and the Filipina was arrested.

Despite the Filipina’s denial of the allegations, she was convicted and sentenced to prison. However, at the Appeals Court, she was acquitted due to lack of evidence. The court declared that the testimony of the Ethiopian domestic worker was not credible.

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