Kwai Chung in the New Territories. Photo: Google Maps
Kwai Chung in the New Territories. Photo: Google Maps

A domestic worker was criticized by a passer-by after being caught treating her young ward violently on a street in Kwai Chung in the New Territories on Thursday.

A local man had been waiting at a bus stop on Wo Yi Hop Road when he saw the woman forcefully clean up a little girl, making the girl cry loudly, news website reported.

The man said the girl, who was about three years old and wearing a kindergarten uniform, was with the domestic worker at the bus stop. The girl had been eating some bread, but it seemed she was either full or not feeling well and wanted to throw up.

The domestic worker used her hand to wipe the girl’s mouth with force and tried to stuff the bread back into the girl’s mouth. The little girl cried loudly and the domestic worker forcefully used a tissue to clean the girl’s mouth.

When the man told the woman to be gentle with the child, she rebuffed him in Cantonese, saying it was “none of your business.” Another man who also saw the incident also criticized the woman’s behavior, but she ignored him.

The first man to speak up took a photo of her before leaving and sent it to the media, hoping to expose the worker’s wrongdoings and let the girl’s parents know what was going on with their children.

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