Signs advertising the Didi company. Photo:
Signs advertising the Didi company. Photo:

Didi Chuxing, China’s ride-hailing giant which remains mired by an ongoing safety crisis. has raised its threshold for drivers on its platform, insisting that all drivers must pass a security exam every day before they can receive orders, The Paper reported.

For the following ten days, drivers will have to conduct face recognition when they open the app, and take a safety exam consisting of two multiple-choice questions.

The test consists of safety-related issues, including Didi’s security system, penalties for violations of security service rules, as well as the use of security features in the app, such as “one-click to call the police.”

The platform will only begin to dispatch orders to those who answered both questions correctly. For those who fail the exam, they need to take the exam again until they pass.

The safety inspection was sparked following two tragic incidents, which saw the rape and murder of two female passengers in just four months on the Didi platform.