Photo: AFP/Noah Berger
Photo: AFP/Noah Berger

The largest-ever iPhone was introduced on Wednesday, along with smaller models including a lower-cost device.

Starting at US$1,099, the XS Max, boasts not just the largest-ever screen, but also the most expensive-ever retail price for an Apple handset. The smaller XS costs US$999, while the discounted Xr sports a lower-cost screen for a starting price of US$749.

The heftier price tags for the new lineup follow a trend from competitors and indicates optimism that the booming economy will help consumers cough up the extra cash. One wildcard, analysts say, is the specter of higher prices on consumer products should a trade war with China escalate, a development which might test such optimism.

The main upgrades for this installment included extended battery life, faster processing speed, improved FaceID, and water resistance.

Shares of Apple dipped on the day, falling 1.24% as of close.