Macau. Photo: Google Maps
Macau. Photo: Google Maps

Two local women escaped after being victims of suspected sleeping-gas attacks in Macau last week.

On Wednesday, a 24-year-old local woman reported to the police that a man and a woman who speak Putonghua approached her when she walked along Estrada dos Cavaleiros, told her that they lost all their money in the casino and asked her for money, Macau Daily News reported.

The local woman did not respond and walked away, but soon she felt dizzy and vomited.

She went to the hospital for medical treatment and reported the case to police, as she suspected that she had suffered an attack with sleeping gas. But no valuables were lost.

It was understood this was the second such case to occur in a week.

Another local woman put a post on Facebook about her experience, claiming she met a couple who asked her for money near the Public Administration Building on Rua do Campo on Monday. She did not respond but said she soon felt dizzy. She took a rest in a supermarket and called a friend for assistance. No valuables were lost.

But the first woman did not report her case to the police.

At 1am on Friday, police found a couple who looked suspicious on Rua do Campo. When officers moved to intercept them they tried to get away, but failed.

Officers took the couple – a 29-year-old man and his 30-year-old wife back to an apartment they rented on Avenida da Amizade and found 17,300 Macau patacas cash (US$2,151).

The couple entered Macau on August 18. They then approached people on street, either telling them that they had had accidents or had lost all money in a casino, before asking people for money.

The couple obtained around 600 to 4,000 Macau patacas a day by deception.

But the couple denied using any sleeping drugs on other people.