Toronto, Canada. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Taxiarchos228
Toronto, Canada. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Taxiarchos228

A 19-year-old woman was arrested for allegedly robbing a Filipino nurse after racially abusing her on a train in Toronto, Canada.

The victim Marilyn Quijencio and her co-worker were on their way to work on July 28 when a woman and man approached them asking for a cigarette and money, CTV News Toronto reported.

Quijencio turned the pair down and asked them to leave her and her friend alone. However, the woman, Tashia James, suddenly became aggravated and started yelling at Quinjencio and tried to take her phone, thinking that Quijencio had taken a video of her.

Another passenger, Margaret Anthony, had filmed the incident in the train and uploaded the video on social media.

In the video, James was shouting at Quijencio and told her to “go back to China”. Anthony can be heard in the video confronting James and told her to “stop assaulting” Quijencio and threatened to call the police.

On August 1, James surrendered to the Toronto police and was charged with robbery and failure to comply with probation rules.

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