People walk along a road before the Chinese conglomerate Wanda Group building in Beijing. Photo: AFP/Fred Dufour

Dalian Wanda Group, a Chinese multinational conglomerate founded by Wang Jianlin, has recently made changes to its list of directors, The Paper reported.

The total number of senior executives has changed from 10 to 12. The names of Yin Hai and Lin Ning have disappeared, while four new senior executives were added to the list.

After the adjustment, the number of board members increased from the original 7 to 9.

Yin Hai, who previously served as a director and senior vice president of the Group, left the company at the end of 2017.

Yin was Wang Jianlin’s old comrade in the army. He joined Wanda in 1993 when he left the Shenyang Military Region, and took charge of the Group’s finance and administration for 24 years.

Lin Ning is the spouse of Wang Jianlin. She entered the board of directors of Wanda in March 2014.

The four new directors include Dong Jianyue, the chairman and president of Wanda Financial Group, Qu Dejun, the senior vice president of Wanda, as well as Xiao Guangrui, who previously served as the vice president of Wanda Cultural Group, and succeeded Yin Hai’s post.

Also added was Gao Wei, a senior executive in two Wanda’s real estate subsidiaries.