Gongbei Port, Zhuhai, China
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Gongbei Port, Zhuhai, China Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A case of dengue fever involving a visitor who arrived in Zhuhai in China from the Philippines via Macau has been reported.

The visitor arrived at Macau International Airport from the Philippines on Sunday afternoon and went on to Zhuhai via Gongbei Port on the same day, reported Hou Kong Daily.

When it was noted that the visitor’s body temperature was 37.8 degrees Celsius, health inspectors at the port conducted a medical check. Blood samples were sent for laboratory testing, which later were confirmed to have tested positive for the dengue fever virus.

As the visitor had gone on to Guangzhou in Guangdong Province, Zhuhai health officers informed their counterparts in Guangzhou in order that further action could to be taken.

Meanwhile, the Macau Health Bureau issued an alert to local residents that the likelihood of local cases of dengue fever is not ruled out due to the spread of the virus in Hong Kong, Guangdong and Taiwan, according to a government release.

The authority urged residents not to neglect preventive measures, particularly those related to environmental hygiene. They recommended that residents eliminate stagnant water in the workplace and residential areas to remove potential conditions for the proliferation of mosquitoes.

So far this year, four cases of dengue fever have been reported in Macau.

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