Phan Thi Mo. Photo Miss Vietnam/Timeline@Facebook
Phan Thi Mo. Photo Miss Vietnam/Timeline@Facebook

A beauty queen from Vietnam was crowned World Miss Tourism Ambassador 2018 last week after a pageant that was held over 15 days in Thailand.

On August 8, Phan Thị Mơ, who was born in 1990 in Tien Giang province, triumphed over 49 other contestants from around the world and was crowned World Miss Tourism Ambassador 2018, reported. She was also ranked in the top 18 in the category of Best Body and also won Best Costume for Tourism Promotion. She won applause from the judges and the audience throughout the contest.

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Phan Thi Mo. Photos: _missmister_vn@Instagram; phanthimo071090@Instagram

Phan finished in the top five at Miss Vietnam World 2010, in the top 10 in Miss Asia USA in 2011 and in the top five in Miss Vietnam 2012, according to previous media reports.

She said she was overjoyed to hear her name announced as the winner of the contest. During the show, she was asked about what her biggest fear in life was and she answered illness, adding that good health was the most important thing.

Contestants from Thailand, Bolivia and Mongolia won first, second and third, respectively. Hong Kong won the World Tourism Queen and Chile won the World Miss Couture award.

The World Miss Tourism Ambassador beauty contest was first held last year. Vietnamese representative Liên Phương finished second in the 2017 contest.

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