River Saale in Jena, Germany. Photo by iStock.
River Saale in Jena, Germany. Photo by iStock.

A 23-year-old Vietnamese student turned himself in on Tuesday afternoon for allegedly killing a 26-year-old Chinese student in Jena, Germany.

On Tuesday, the Chinese Embassy in Germany received a report from the Chinese student union of Friedrich Schiller University in Jena. The report stated that a Chinese student surnamed Liu, who came from Shanxi province, had been killed, according to a statement published on the embassy’s website.

The embassy said it sent staff to get more information and urged local police to investigate the case.

After a Vietnamese male turned himself in to police to report the location of a body on Tuesday, police found a corpse in the Saale river in Jena on the same day. Police have not yet disclosed the motive of the suspect, China News Service reported, citing local media reports.

Zhou Anping, director of the Consulate General under the Chinese Embassy in Germany, condemned the criminal behavior. The embassy issued a statement saying that it will extend consular assistance to the family of the victim.