The world's largest noodle soup. Photo: Guinness World Records

A Vietnamese instant food company has broken the Guinness world record for the largest serving of noodle soup. Vifon, an instant food company in Vietnam, celebrated its 55th anniversary by preparing the biggest serving of beef pho.

According to a report by the Guinness world record website, the soup weighed in at 1,359 kilograms, or almost 3,000 pounds, in a custom-made cup.

The dish was made outside Vifon’s headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City, with the event drawing an audience which included politicians and celebrities. Miss Universe Vietnam, H’Hen Niê, was an honorary guest of the event.

After cooking the dish, the soup was split into 1,963 individual servings for Vifon staff and guests. The number 1,963 also coincided with the year Vifon was founded.

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