A still from the video as parts of the ceiling fall in a Bali Mosque. Photo: YouTube.

Closed-circuit TV footage inside a mosque in Bali showed the moment an earthquake struck on nearby Lombok island on Sunday and the narrow escape worshippers had as part of the ceiling fell where they been praying.

The footage showed men praying in the Masjid Agung Bangli Mosque and their quick reaction once the ground started shaking. Seconds after the men dashed to safety, parts of the mosque’s ceiling collapsed and fell where the men had been praying. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

However, it was a different story on North Lombok when about 50 people were trapped in the Jabal Nur Mosque on Sunday, The National reported.

When the earthquake struck, about 100 people were praying inside, a witness said. Ther Jabal Nur Mosque, which had a distinctive green dome, is now partially collapsed.

The latest death toll from the 7.0 magnitude earthquake was 98 and the number was expected to rise as debris from the quake is cleared. It was the second earthquake to hit Indonesia in two weeks.

On July 29, Lombok was hit by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake that claimed 17 lives.

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