The woman chases the snake away with a broom. Photo: YouTube
The woman chases the snake away with a broom. Photo: YouTube

A video showing a woman scaring away an eight-foot python from the backyard of her home in Kerala, India, has gone viral on the internet.

On August 23, the woman was filmed hitting the ground and bushes with a broomstick to scare off a large snake which was on her back fence, the video shows. The video was taken in Chengannur in Alappuzha district, India Today reported.

Since July, Kerala has been ravaged by floods, which killed several hundred people and made 2,000 families homeless. After the waters receded from the southwestern state, local people faced a new challenge – snakes in their homes. Other wild animals also occupied houses when people fled the floods.

Several hospitals in Kerala have reported a sharp rise in people suffering snake bites. The Kerala Health Department’s Rajeev Sadanadan said hospitals had adequate stocks of anti-venom for snake bite victims.

Local governments had hired snake catchers to help remove reptiles from homes. On August 23, a cobra was caught in a kitchen in Manniyam Perumbalam in Kerala after floodwater receded, reported.

Local specialists said the most common snakes in the flooded area were cobras, vipers and common kraits.

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