Talavadi locals say authorities' efforts to curb boar invasions have been minimal. Photos: iStock.

A 30-year-old man died after being attacked by a wild boar in Tamil Nadu, India, early on Monday morning.

At 6:30am, a daily wage laborer named Sitharaj ventured into bushes when nature called, The Times of India reported. While there he was attacked by a boar and left unconscious with serious injuries.

People found him and sent him to hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Talavadi Forest Ranger Sivakumar handed the victim’s wife a cheque for 50,000 rupees (US$707) as compensation, The Hindu reported. The family will receive another 350,000 rupees soon, totaling the compensation at 400,000 rupees.

Local people had complained about wild boar attacks in the area for many years, but the forest department did very little to solve the problems.

Meanwhile, the Department of Forest and Wildlife arrested a man for hunting a wild boar at the Kulaga Reserve Forest in Sorab taluk in Karnataka, The Hindu reported. The man was caught with 10 kilograms of boar meat while his three accomplices fled. He will be charged under The Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. Police are hunting for his accomplices.