Kuwait. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Irvin Calicut
Kuwait. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Irvin Calicut

A recent survey revealed that 78% of Filipino domestic workers in Kuwait are not given any days off despite the legal requirement to do so.

According to a report by Kuwait Times, more 200 Filipino domestic workers were asked whether or not they have a day off each week. Replies to the survey showed that 78% of the domestic workers get no day off, and one domestic worker reported that she only gets two or three hours off per month.

One domestic worker named Lina, who has worked in Kuwait for more than 12 years, said that she wished for a day off to be able to take a break from a long week of work. Another domestic worker named Felicitas said she only one day off at Christmas.

Some domestic workers are not allowed to leave their employer’s home without someone accompanying them. One domestic worker named Amfaro, 56, who has been working for her employer for 20 years, said that her employer does not trust anyone mingling with them, especially strangers.

“I think this is okay. I am being cared for and protected,” Amfaro said.

In May, the Philippines and Kuwait signed an agreement on the protection of Filipino domestic workers. Under its provisions, domestic workers are to be given one rest day per week. However, two months after the signing of the agreement, it appears that more than three-quarters of Filipino domestic workers are still unable to enjoy the day off per week that they are entitled to.