Shenzhen subway line 3. Photo: iStock
Shenzhen subway line 3. Photo: iStock

Shenzhen, the metropolis that links Hong Kong to mainland China, is expected to form 33 metro lines by 2035, expanding the current mileage by 4.7 times, reported.

According to the plan of the Shenzhen Metro Group, the total mileage of the city’s rail transit will reach 580 kilometers. While by 2035, the mileage will add up to 1,335 kilometers, which will be 4.7 times the current scale.

“The population in Shenzhen is growing very fast, which brings great pressure on urban traffic,” said Wang Guowen, director at the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Department of the China Development Institute. “The east-west traffic flow is getting intense and the concentration is high.”

Insiders think this goal is fully achievable both in terms of technology and financial resources. Previously, the construction of the subway in Shenzhen was mainly based on government investment.

The government also has a large margin of its investment capacity and project financing capabilities.

Up to now, only Beijing and Shanghai subways have operated more than 600 kilometers in total mileage.

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