Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Saudi man has been charged with having an affair with a Filipino nurse who committed suicide in July. The nurse met the man at Al-Makhwat Hospital where the pair both worked.

He was married but had a relationship with the Filipina, the Gulf Digital News reported. The report did not disclose the identities of the nurse or the man.

In late July, the woman was found hanging in her room at the nurses’ accommodation in Al-Makhwat. She left a will on her bed and revealed that the man exploited her financially and gave her false marriage promises, which pushed her to end her life.

The woman also revealed the man’s identity, which led to his arrest and he faces legal action for having an affair with the Filipino.

On August 3, the man confessed to the charges and is awaiting an investigation and trial. In Saudi Arabia, committing adultery is a criminal offense under Sharia Law and offenders are to be stoned to death.