Vietnamese soldiers have found sanitary pads very useful. Photo courtesy of Yu Xuan Fan Group@Facebook.

post published on Facebook that showed how Vietnamese soldiers were using sanitary pads inside their boots has gone viral.

The page, named Yu Xuan Fan Group, caught the imagination of the Internet, with commentators claiming that sanitary pads provide soft cushioning for the soldiers’ feet, as well as absorbing bacteria and bad odors.

One netizen said sanitary pads are very reliable as emergency bandages and that tampons have been also known to be used as plugs for bullet wounds. Another commentator, Meg Dang, cited the military training experience of a friend, who said sanitary pads were sold out wherever the Vietnamese army were stationed.

During the two World Wars, sanitary pads were first devised to help stop excessive bleeding in wounded soldiers. Wartime nurses later adopted the napkins for use during menstruation.

According to a 2014 media report, a University student in China reportedly made a US$100 profit by selling sanitary pads to male freshmen, who were required to wear boots in military camps. 

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