Melaka General Hospital in Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps
Melaka General Hospital in Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

family of four in Malacca, Malaysia, pleaded for financial help as the 38-year-old Indonesian wife needs an operation to remove a brain tumor, according to her 52-year-old husband.

The man said his Indonesian wife, who he married 17 years ago, had been diagnosed with a brain tumor at Melaka General Hospital after feeling unwell and getting severe headaches for the past four months, Sin Chew Daily (Malaysia) reported.

The husband, who supports his family by working as a hawker, said the surgery at Hospital Kuala Lumpur would cost 30,000 ringgit, which they did not have. Fortunately, half the money has been raised by two local organizations made up of residents and businesses in the Bunga Raya community as well as the founder of Laotehko House.

The man’s 12-year-old son also needs an operation at Melaka General Hospital for tonsillitis, while his six-year-old daughter could not go to kindergarten until the family’s finances improved.

The two presidents of the organizations helping the family appealed to the public for donations to cover the medical fees.