The unusual creature which was captured on video. Photo: YouTube
The unusual creature which was captured on video. Photo: YouTube

A video of an unusual looking sea creature that washed up on a shore in southern Vietnam went viral and left many people perplexed, with some calling it an alien or a monster from the deep.

On July 29, locals at a beach in Kien Giant gathered around a small green table where a tour guide had placed the strange creature he found washed up on the shore.

A witness took a video of the unusual find and uploaded the footage to social media. The creature in the video has a star-shaped body in the middle that extends outward with branch-like limbs spiraling out from its central area.

The local tour guide who discovered it said he did not know if it was vegetation, an animal or something alien. Others called the creature “scary and gross” and said it could be “a monster that will one day return 10 times bigger.”

However, some people online who watch National Geographic TV programs said the odd-looking marine organism was called a Shetland Argus, commonly known as the Basket Star, which is an Echinoderm, or simply a starfish. The Basket Star lives deep in the sea and does not have a blood circulation system. They have an average lifespan of 35 years.

The Basket Star was subsequently released back into the sea.