The lawn near Kallang MRT station, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
The lawn near Kallang MRT station, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

An unnamed resident of Kallang, Singapore, wrote to a local newspaper complaining about alleged disturbances caused by more than 200 migrants and domestic workers who picnic and play games on a neighborhood lawn every Sunday.

A reader of Shin Min Daily News noted that the lawn near Kallang MRT station had become a meeting place for migrants and maids. Elsewhere in Singapore, the migrant workers are fond of gathering at Lucky Plaza on Orchard Road or on the resort island of Sentosa.

The letter-writer complained that people were seen engaged in public displays of affection such as kissing, cuddling or even exchanging intimate touches.

Reporters who paid a visit to the area on August 12 found a festive and boisterous scene of more than 200 people enjoying themselves having picnics, parties and games of volleyball.

A 32-year-old domestic worker from Indonesia who has worked in Singapore for 13 years said she has two rest days per month, and likes to stroll in the Kallang neighborhood and spend time with her compatriots.

A 31-year-old carer who has worked in Singapore for five years said she was happy that she could have a rest day every Sunday. She explained that she passed the day by going to church in the morning and meeting friends in the afternoon.

Residents interviewed by the media said the large gathering could be a concern as there were not many public toilets. However, they added that as long as the visitors tidied up after enjoying themselves on the lawn, migrant workers would be welcome to use the public space.