Lai Chi Kok Station.
Photo: Wikipedia/Qwer132477
Lai Chi Kok Station. Photo: Wikipedia/Qwer132477

More than 300 commuters on a Mass Transit Railway (MTR) train were evacuated on Wednesday after a mobile phone charger caught fire.

At 4pm, a man had to throw his bag on the floor of an MTR train heading to Lai Chi Kok Station after smoke started coming out of his charger, Sing Tao Daily reported.

When he opened the bag he found a fire has started inside. He grabbed his phone and threw the burning device on the floor.

In the meantime, the train arrived at Lai Chi Kok Station and the man threw his bag onto the platform. Two male passengers found an extinguisher and put out the fire. MTR staff reported the fire to police.

The platform and train were filled with smoke and about 300 passengers were evacuated. No one was hurt. There was a four-minute disruption to train services, an MTR spokesperson said.

The Consumer Council last year tested 30 phone chargers and nine failed to pass safety tests for fire resistance, short-circuit protection and rises in temperature.

The consumer watchdog called on users to unplug their devices once they finished charging and store them in a cool place. It recommended people stop using a device if it appears to overheat when charging or if the battery becomes swollen.

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