A python climbs on the wall of a house on Bertana Drive in Mudgeeraba, Australia. Photo: Google Maps, Robbie Knills

A three-meter long python was caught climbing the back wall of a man’s house on Bertana Drive in Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast, Australia.

Robbie Knills, the homeowner who caught the animal on tape, was hanging his laundry when he saw the reptile on his backyard floor on Sunday. Knills witnessed the snake slither from the bushes and gradually make its way to the house.

He said he would have gotten “the scare of his life” had he stepped out of his house five minutes later. “I’m glad it was me hanging out the washing because the wife would probably never do it again if it was her.”

According to a conversation between myGC and Knills, the python has been residing in the roof of his shed for almost six months. Since then, Knills and the snake have shared a friendly relationship. Knills’ words suggest that the snake was hibernating and has emerged due to the warmer climate.

“He just hangs out. I don’t trouble him and he doesn’t trouble me.”