A man was left alone on a mountain after he was injured by a boar trap in Zhejiang. Photo: Weibo

A 28-year-old Chinese man who had been injured by a boar trap and left stranded in the hills of Zhejiang for two weeks was found by police with the help of villagers on Sunday night.

The Henanese man surnamed Gao who had been stranded with a severely-injured leg in the mountains since July 28, was rescued after residents of a village in Zhejiang province heard him shouting. He had been crying for help for days, the Beijing Youth Daily reported.

It was reported that the jobless man set out on July 28 to walk to Lishui from Qingtian in Zhejiang province. During the journey he stepped on a trap set for wild boar. Later, the owner of the trap arrived, removed the device from his leg and left the injured Gao in the mountains to fend for himself.

On August 12, a villager who was fishing nearby informed the police when he heard Gao’s cries for help.

Initially, the police rescue operation was stalled as the victim was on the other side of a river, but after commandeering a fishing boat from a neighboring village, officers managed to get to the victim, who was found weak and pale.

Gao, who is in a stable condition at a local hospital for treatment to his injured leg, reportedly shed 15 kilograms during his two-week ordeal, which he survived by eating insects and drinking spring water.