Frankfurt in Germany where the women were headed. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A German man has been arrested at Clark International Airport in Pampanga in the Philippines for illegally recruiting four Filipino women to work in Germany.

According to Atty. Arcelito Albao, supervising agent of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Region 3, a German man and four Filipino women were headed to Oman and had a connecting flight to Germany, ABS-CBN News reported.

The women were headed to Frankfurt to work as volunteer caregivers for three months. The German man was reportedly a university professor in Manila and the four women were his former students.

Albao said the four women did not have any supporting documents from the Philippine government that allows them to travel overseas. He also said the German man did not have any authority to recruit Filipinos to Germany.

The NBI said this was a scheme to illegally recruit Filipinos to work overseas. “To shorten the process of getting a job abroad, they will go to the country as volunteers. When they arrive, they are working illegally,” Albao said.

The German man will face charges of human trafficking and large scale illegal recruitment.

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