Bur Dubai police station in Dubai, UAE. Photo: Google Maps

An Indian man has been accused of sexually harassing a Filipino cleaner in his house in Dubai.

On March 3, the 45-year-old Indian man hired the Filipina, 35, who works for a cleaning services company, to clean his house. The man told her that the cleaning job would take four hours, Khaleej Times reported.

The Filipina claimed that the man took her to his bedroom and requested a massage, saying that he had leg pain. She refused and told him that her duties only included cleaning. The man then touched her shoulder and back inappropriately.

Later, the man led her to another room, where he tried to kiss her. The Filipina escaped and immediately informed her supervisor of what had happened.

After the Filipina’s supervisor reported the incident at the Bur Dubai police station, police arrested the man.

On Wednesday at the Dubai Court of First Instance, the man was accused of sexual harassment. The trial will continue on September 5.