Mid-Levels, Hong Kong Island. Photos: Google Maps, AFCD
Mid-Levels, Hong Kong Island. Photos: Google Maps, AFCD

A professional driver who recently spotted a number of wild boars along a road in the Mid-Levels residential area on Hong Kong Island has urged domestic workers to beware of the animals.

He said he saw boars wandering along Po Shan Road looking for food in trash bins for four days since Saturday, Apple Daily reported. He said the animals appeared as often as three times a day.

Late one morning, he saw a meter-long boar walking along the stairs from Po Shan Road to Conduit Road Children’s Playground and then returning before heading for a trash-collection point to scavenge for food.

On other occasions he spotted a family of three boars walking together around the area.

Mid-Levels is an upscale area of Hong Kong, and many domestic workers walk their employers’ dogs there, so he wanted to remind them to be careful to avoid the boars as they have been known to attack people.

In July, two people were injured by wild pigs near the University of Hong Kong.

Chan Chit-kwai, Central and Western District councilor, urged the Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department to manage the number of the wild pigs by castrating male animals.

Chan also urged residents not to feed wild pigs and suggested that the authorities to use lockable rubbish bins to deter wild animals searching for food in residential areas.

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