Photos: iStock, Sure Boh Singapore Facebook/Icee Poh
Photos: iStock, Sure Boh Singapore Facebook/Icee Poh

A photo showing a foreign domestic worker sitting on a sidewalk outside a Chinese restaurant in Hougang, Singapore, where her employers were apparently enjoying a meal has gone viral since last Wednesday, with netizens criticizing the couple for being arrogant and even practicing modern slavery.

A 38-year-old netizen who wished to be anonymous said he took the picture because while he saw the couple and their helper arrive together, the maid was soon sitting outside while the couple enjoyed their meal at the restaurant, The Independent Singapore reported.

He added that whether it was her choice or not, it was inconsiderate of the couple to leave her outside under the sun when it would not have been difficult to get her a chair so she could sit under shelter.

The photo has attracted 1,200 comments and 6,200 reactions and has been shared more than 8,600 times since it was uploaded on to the SBS – Sure Boh Singapore Facebook page on the morning of August 7, with netizens mostly slamming the couple for being arrogant.

Mutual respect was lacking, some argued, and at least a stool should have been given to the maid.

On the other hand, some netizens spoke of their own experiences, noting that it might also have been the worker’s wish not to sit with her bosses while eating out. The maid might have been on a special diet for religious reasons, some argued.

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