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A domestic worker in Hong Kong was slammed by netizens after being caught on camera paying little attention to two young wards whom she allegedly slapped in the face while they rode a bus on Thursday.

A netizen named Carol Leung posted photos which were taken by her mother, who witnessed the domestic worker slapping two young children, Headline Daily reported. The photos showed the maid staring at her telephone and paying no attention to the children.

The incident took place on a #283 KMB bus en route to Sha Tin in the New Territories at around 2pm.

Leung’s mother said the domestic worker and a young girl aged around three and a boy aged around seven, believed to be under the maid’s care, were sitting on the rear seat of the lower deck.

The domestic worker, who was concentrating on her mobile phone, suddenly gave the girl and boy each a slap.

Leung’s mother then stopped the domestic worker and asked her why she slapped the children. The maid allegedly replied: “That’s none of your business”.

The two young children were clearly frightened. When Leung’s mother told the little girl to tell her mother about being hit by their domestic worker, the little girl shook her head.

Although she was unable to tell the nationality of the domestic worker, Leung decided to post the photo on social media, hoping to expose the maid’s wrongdoings and let the childrens’ parents know what was going on with their children.

It is understood that the parents of the children finally became aware of the incident, but how they handled the issue remains unknown.

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