In Malaysia, dogs are seen as pets by some and as a meal by others. Photo: iStock.
In Malaysia, dogs are seen as pets by some and as a meal by others. Photo: iStock.

A group of about 20 Indonesian men in Shah Alam, Malaysia, were filmed beating and killing a stray dog which was then tossed on a fire and barbecued.

Two animal lovers who were feeding stray dogs near Persiaran Elmina were shocked when they saw and filmed a group of men killing a stray dog with a traditional knife and a piece of wood. They were then filmed throwing it into a fire and cooking it.

The case caught the attention of Mukunnan Sugumaran, the founder of Malaysian Animal Welfare Association, who approached the witnesses and made further inquiries, The Star reported.

The group of men lived at a nearby palm oil estate and it was normal for them to eat dogs or cats. Mukunnan and the witnesses reported the case to police in Sungai Buloh district as well as to the Department of Veterinary Services on Tuesday.

It is not against the law to consume cats and dogs in Malaysia. However, they said there could be a case of animal cruelty as the formalities for animal slaughter were not followed.

A crackdown on dog consumption in Asia is imminent. Groups have been protesting against the practice of eating dog and cat meat in South Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam.

The Indonesian government has pledged to ban the consumption of dogs in the near future, while the Vietnamese have yet to take a stance. The Vietnamese government has been criticized in the past for failing to stop pets being stolen by dog meat eaters.

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