Taman Mawar Jaya of Teriang, Bera District, Pahang, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

An Indonesian man allegedly came under attack from his machete-wielding neighbor while outside his home in Pahang, Malaysia, on Sunday morning.

The incident happened at 10:40am on August 19 in Taman Mawar Jaya of Teriang, when the victim was trying to fix a problem with his water supply, the China Press reported.

A witness surnamed Mah, also a resident in the neighborhood, said the attacker, a Malaysian-Chinese neighbor, first argued with the victim, and later slashed his arms with a parang machete.

The reasons for the alleged attack were unknown, Mah added.

The victim stopped the attack by taking the machete away from his neighbor. He then drove himself to a nearby clinic by motorbike.

It was reported that the attacker had previously been observed acting strangely, speaking unintelligibly and walking naked in the neighborhood.

A police investigation is on-going.