Lamma Island off Hong Kong. Photo: Google Maps
Lamma Island off Hong Kong. Photo: Google Maps

Four people were arrested for alleged drug trafficking during police raids on outlying islands Lamma and Cheung Chau off Hong Kong.

The crime squad from the Marine Police Regional Headquarters raided a house in Tai Peng village on Lamma Island and arrested three people. Illegal drugs and weapons were allegedly found in the house, the Oriental Daily reported.

Two Thai women, aged 42 and 40, and holding Hong Kong identity cards and a 51-year-old American man were arrested and charged with drug trafficking, possession of items used for smoking illegal drugs and possession of weapons.

Seven grams of methamphetamine, seven grams of cannabis, a few tablets of ketamine and ecstasy, pipes for taking meth, one crossbow, three arrows, one bottle of pepper spray and some tools for packaging drugs were confiscated in the house.

Officers later raided an apartment on Sun Hing Street on Cheung Chau island and arrested a 55-year-old local man who was charged with drug trafficking.

A total of 33 grams of methamphetamine and 26 grams of ketamine were confiscated.