The headquarters of the Immigration Department of Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

A syndicate that produced and sold fake documents to illegal workers from Indonesia and Bangladesh was busted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Sunday. Around 5,000 ringgits (US$1,230) in cash was seized in the operation.

Three Malaysians and two Indonesians, alleged members of the “Geng Ah Boy” crime ring, were arrested by officers from the Enforcement, Intelligence and Operation unit of the Immigration Department during a special operation in the Malaysian capital on July 29, China Press reported.

The authorities allege that, over the last three years, the five suspects have forged various kinds of documents including work approval letters, temporary work visit passes and i-Kads, which they sold for between 30 and 180 ringgits (US$7.40 to $44).

The ring operated two phone and accessory stores as fronts where they dealt with illegal migrants, who were mainly Indonesian or Bangladeshi migrant workers in the country without legal documentation.

The three men and two women were detained and are being investigated by the authorities under Section 55D of the Immigration Act.