Macau International Airport
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Macau International Airport Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A 40-year-old Filipino man was found to have two different identities when he was going through immigration at Macau International Airport on Tuesday.

The suspect named Manzano works as a driver and had arrived in Macau from Manila just after midnight on Tuesday. While he was going through a routine facial recognition procedure at the airport, immigration officers found that Manzano existed under two different identities in their database, Jornal Va Kio reported.

According to Public Security Police spokesperson Chong Sin I, in 2010 Manzano was intercepted in a casino by police officers, who found that he had overstayed in Macau for 444 days. He was duly sent back to the Philippines and banned from entering Macau for five years.

Manzano reportedly changed his name after returning to the Philippines and used his new passport to enter Macau again.

In November 2011, Manzano was intercepted by officers once again. This time he had overstayed for 83 days.

However, as he told the police that he did not have enough money to buy an air ticket home, he was allowed to stay in Macau under the condition that he reported to the police regularly.

For the next six years, Manzano did not report to police.

In March 2017, he presented an air ticket to the police and was sent back to the Philippines, but returned once more on Tuesday, when immigration officers found that he was travelling under his original identity. Manzano mistakenly thought that, since the ban on entry associated with the original identity had expired, he could safely come back into Macau. But facial recognition technology caught him out.

Manzano has been transferred to the Public Prosecution Office for committing the crimes of “illegal re-entry” and “false declaration of identity”, Chong said, adding that the Public Security Police will return him to the Philippines soon.