Dubai, UAE. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Dubai, UAE. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino man who has returned home to the Philippines after being granted amnesty for overstaying in the UAE wants to return to work in Dubai.

Joms (not his real name), who worked as a sales representative in Dubai for two years, claimed that when he found employment in Dubai after going there on a visitor’s visa, his employers did not process his work permit, The Filipino Times reported.

Joms said he submitted the necessary requirements for his work visa and asked for updates from his employers. However, when he checked with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, he discovered that there was no application filed for him, which meant he was already past his departure date. The overstay meant a large fine that he could not afford to pay.

When the amnesty program in the United Arab Emirates was announced, Joms said it was a relief as he was able to forget his overstaying fines and return home to the Philippines.

However, Joms said he hopes to return to work in Dubai as he still has to support the cost of educating one of his siblings. He said the only way that his family can afford this is for him to work in Dubai.

Hans Leo Cacdac, administrator of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, reminded Filipinos who want to work in the United Arab Emirates to secure a job first before heading there. Cacdac also urged Filipino job seekers to check authorized job postings through the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration to avoid facing problems once in the UAE.

A total of 345 Filipinos who were granted amnesty have returned to the Philippines since the amnesty program began this month. The program will continue until October 31.