Smoke starts to come from the electric scooter before it explodes into flames. Photos: Youtube.

A video capturing an electric scooter exploding as it was being charged in a flat in Beijing has gone viral on the Chinese web. On July 29, a man, his daughter and pet dog were sitting in the living room of their home in Beijing while an electric scooter was being charged in the room.

The incident was captured on closed-circuit TV.

Suddenly a noise came from the scooter due to a short-circuit, reported. The man jumped out of his chair and unplugged the charger, but smoke started coming from the scooter. He grabbed his daughter and ran out of the room.

Seconds after they left, the scooter exploded, filling the room with smoke before the scooter burst into flame. Fortunately, no one was injured.

The man’s wife later told the media that they bought the scooter from TMall, a Chinese online shopping platform operated by the Alibaba Group. She said they received compensation of 20,000 yuan (US$2,933) from the retailer with the help of the e-commerce shop.

A spokesperson for the manufacturing company declined to comment because the firm had not yet been able to check the scooter. Some people who saw the video online praised the man for his quick reaction during the accident, while some slammed him for charging the electric scooter in the living room.