Mid-Levels, Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps

Police were called in after a domestic worker was seen standing on a ledge outside a residential high-rise in the Mid-Levels residential area on Hong Kong Island last Thursday.

The woman had reportedly found herself stranded on the ledge after climbing out of a locked room in an apartment where she worked.

That morning, police received a report that she was seen standing on a ledge outside an apartment at Robinson Place on Robinson Road, news website HK01.com reported.

It was understood that the domestic worker had somehow gotten herself locked in a room in the apartment. She climbed through a window and walked along the ledge, planning to re-enter through the window of another room.

However, her attempt failed and she got stuck on the ledge. She was in a dangerous position, and passers-by on the ground called for police assistance.

Police and firemen arrived at the scene and got her to safety. She was unhurt.

The report did not mention the domestic worker’s nationality or which floor the apartment was on.

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