China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy soldiers patrol at Woody Island, in the Paracel Archipelago in the South China Sea. Photo: Reuters

A Vietnamese website has caused an uproar on Chinese social media, after requiring visitors to pass a quiz about disputed territory in the South China Sea.

The website,, has been attracting scores of Chinese visitors after it somehow got a hold of yet-to-be-released episodes of a popular Chinese drama, The Story of Yanxi Palace, and offered them online.

But once the Chinese viewers accessed the website, Reuters reported, they were required to verify they are Vietnamese by answering questions, including one regarding the disputed Paracel Islands. The only correct answer was to indicate that the islands, which are also claimed by China, were Vietnamese territory.

“This is nonsense!,” one Chinese drama fan was quoted as saying on the Weibo microblogging platform. “Who gave Vietnam the courage to challenge China’s territorial sovereignty?”

“While stealing Chinese TV dramas, Vietnam has also stolen Chinese territory,” another visitor said.

As of late Friday evening, local Vietnamese time, the question appears to have been removed from the quiz: