A wild boar was shot dead by Anhui police. Photo: Anhui police

A boar weighing over 50 kilograms was shot dead by police in China after it attacked several people in a village in eastern China’s Anhui province on Wednesday.

The boar charged into a village in Wanjiang County in Anqing and bit people, local people said in a Weibo post on Thursday.

Despite attempts to subdue the beast with non-lethal measures, the police ultimately put the boar down in a secluded area. On its Weibo post, the police emphasized that they did not eat the boar later.

Although many Chinese are doubtful whether the police really did not consume the animal’s meat, they, in general, praised the police for having saved the villagers and their properties in the operation.

One citizen said if the police did not have an intention to eat the boar, they would have used anesthetic to subdue the animal. However, others on social media said it would be a waste of food if the police didn’t eat the animal.

In China, it is illegal to hunt wild boars but local governments encourage the breeding of boars for their meat. Licenses are required for boar farm operators.