A construction site of the Heung Yuen Wai border checkpoint. Photo: HK Govt

A Nepalese worker is in critical condition after being hit by a burst water pipe on Wednesday night. The incident took place on a construction site for the Heung Yuen Wai border checkpoint on Hong Kong’s border with Shenzhen.

The man, 43, sustained head wounds and was rushed to the Prince of Wales Hospital.

The worker was reportedly resting when the accident occurred, and reports say he could have suffered worse injuries had it not been for another Nepalese worker who rushed to his rescue.

The man remains in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

An investigation by the city’s Labor Department is underway. One of the questions to be answered is whether the worker was wearing his safety helmet as required.

In June, another serious accident occurred at a site connected to the same project, which is part of a Hong Kong government drive to alleviate traffic congestion at other border checkpoints.

In that incident a worker also sustained severe injuries to his head. He was treated in Intensive Care after a portable crane carrying power cables toppled over and hit him. Following this, the Labor Department ordered works to be stopped for investigations to be carried out.

Other, minor incidents have plagued the project since construction began in 2013.