The office of the Malaysian Chinese Association in Malacca. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Chongkian

A 21-year-old Vietnamese woman living in Kuala Lumpur sought help from the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) after being harassed by loan sharks after her friends returned home without paying their loans.

The woman, who is married to a Malaysian-Chinese man, acted as an intermediate between a 26-year-old Vietnamese woman money lender and 12 illegal migrant friends who were sex workers, the Sin Chew Daily (Malaysia) reported. The paper cited a press meeting organized by Michael Chong from the MCA Public Services and Complaint Department.

As an intermediate, the woman received 400 ringgit each time a borrower took a loan valued at a minimum of 10,000 ringgit.

The 12 borrowers had been repaying the loans until last month when they were arrested and repatriated after sweeps for illegal immigrants. The money lenders blamed the woman for the outstanding loans and interest, which allegedly increased to 260,000 ringgit from 19,300 ringgit.

The couple have been receiving death threats and sought help from the association.