The Saudi German Hospital in Riyadh. Photo: Google Maps
The Saudi German Hospital in Riyadh. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino waiter is in a coma after he was found unconscious after being beaten up on a roadside in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. On Sunday evening, Aljun Andrade, 27, went to a remittance center to send money for his sister’s medical expenses in the Philippines.

On his way back to his company accommodation, Andrade was approached by Arab men who tried to rob him of his mobile phone and wallet, Philippine News reported.

Andrade fought back agains the robbers, but one of the men struck him on the head with a steel pipe, which left him unconscious on the roadside. A a Filipino migrant worker found Andrade and rushed him to the Saudi German Hospital.

After a medical check by doctors, they discovered Andrade suffered from a fractured skull and subarachnoid hemorrhage. He slipped into a coma a few days later. The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh said Saudi authorities are investigating and looking for the suspects.

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