Batu Pahat police headquarters, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps
Batu Pahat police headquarters, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

A Vietnamese woman in her thirties was arrested by the police on Tuesday afternoon for setting fire to the house of a friend who had allegedly tricked her into working as a masseuse in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

In the early afternoon of July 17, a fire started at the Taman Soga house, where a mattress in one of the rooms was almost completely burned, the China Press reported.

The accused was rescued without injury, and later arrested after she told the police that she deliberately set fire to the mattress in an attempt to burn down the house, which was owned by her male friend.

Preliminary investigations found that the suspect, who came to Malaysia only hours before the arson, was promised a job in Kuala Lumpur by the owner of the house. After she was instead taken to a massage parlour in Batu Pahat, she became angry.

Meanwhile, there was no lawful record of the accused entering the country, and Malaysian police are now looking for the owner of the house damaged in the fire in order to expand the investigation.