Toi San area, MacauPhoto: Google Maps
Toi San area, Macau Photo: Google Maps

A 37-year-old domestic worker from Vietnam was arrested by judiciary police on Tuesday for allegedly assisting in the operation of a fake phone base station in Macau.

The woman surnamed Pham, who has been working for a family in Iao Hon for two years, was arrested for allegedly participating in a crime syndicate and committing various crimes related to the communications industry, Today Macao reported.

At 7am, police officers raided a residential apartment in Toi San and arrested the suspect when she left the apartment to go to her place of work.

Three fake phone station devices were confiscated in the flat.

After an initial investigation, police say the suspect was allegedly approached by a crime syndicate in April and was later paid HK$4,000 (US$509) a month to assist in the operation of fake phone base stations, Exmoo News reported. 

A fake base station is a piece of telecoms equipment that sends out a signal that disconnects nearby mobile phones from their legitimate telephone company base stations, so that they receive messages from the fake base instead.

In this case, the base stations were being used to send out messages from a fake gambling website.

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