An ethnic Filipino woman was filmed throwing a drink and using a tray to attack a McDonald's employee. The pair then got into a brawl. Photo: YouTube

A brawl between an ethnic-Filipino woman and a female McDonald’s employee in the US city of Las Vegas was captured on a video and that recently went viral.

In the video, customer Sabrinah Fontelar, 24, and employee Erika Chavolla, also 24, got into a brawl after a dispute over a drink, ABS-CBN News reported.

Fontelar threw a drink at Chavolla and hit her with a tray, which caused Chavolla to charge at Fontelar and attack her. Chavolla repeatedly punched Fontelar in the face while Fontelar tried to fight back.

Another McDonald’s employee, also a woman, tried to stop the fight by pulling the pair apart. However, Fontelar tried to get out of the employee’s grip and started punching her as well.

Toward the end of the video, Fontelar is seen threatening to hit Chavolla with a chair. Chavolla was able to get the chair away from Fontelar.

According to Chavolla, she did not intend to hit Fontelar but was provoked when Fontelar threw the tray at her.

After the incident, Fontelar was charged with assault. Chavolla said she was still employed at McDonald’s, the New York Post reported.

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