Two Vietnamese men were arrested for stealing and selling nine dogs. Photo: iStock

Two Vietnamese men have been arrested for stealing dogs and selling them.

On Thursday evening, Nguyen Van Vinh, 50 and Tran Hoa Tam, 49, allegedly stole nine dogs , including a dead one, in Hai Lang districts and Quang Tri Town. The pair reportedly taped the dogs’ mouths and stuffed them inside sacks, VN Express reported.

The pair then sold the dogs to a woman named Le Thi Hue. On Friday morning, police arrested Vinh and Hoa and seized metal hoops, bottles of gas and flashlights that were allegedly used in the theft of the animals.

The dogs, which had a total weight of 110 kilograms, were reportedly valued at VND5.5 million (US$236). In Vietnam, dog theft is considered a criminal offence if the value of the stolen dogs is more than VND2 million.

Police arrested Vinh and Tam for dog theft, and Hue was arrested for purchasing the dogs.