Metropole Building, North Point, Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps

Two Indonesian domestic workers have been talked out of separate apparent attempts to jump to their deaths from high-rise buildings in Hong Kong.

At 10:19am on Tuesday, a domestic worker in her 20s was seen sitting outside the window of an apartment on a high floor of the Metropole Building in North Point on Hong Kong Island, Apple Daily reported. Neighbors called the police, who spent two hours persuading the maid to give up her suicide plan.

The young woman was not physically injured but she was sent to hospital as she remained emotionally distraught after the incident.

In a separate incident, early on July 17  a 35-year-old Indonesian domestic worker was seen standing outside the window of an apartment in Ma On Shan in the New Territories, Oriental Daily reported. Firefighters and police were deployed to rescue her. They successfully persuaded her to go back inside the apartment.

The police are investigating why the two women wanted to commit suicide.

The Samaritans run a 24-hour multilingual suicide prevention hotline +852 2896 0000, or e-mails can be sent to

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