To Kwa Wan in Kowloon where the two were arrested. Photo: Google Maps

A 26-year-old Indian asylum seeker and his 19-year-old British girlfriend were arrested for printing banknotes in a hotel room in Kowloon’s To Kwa Wan on Tuesday.

Acting on tip-off, police raided a hotel room in To Kwa Wan at 3am and confiscated a total of 36 fake banknotes with a face value of HK$9,100 (US1,159), the Oriental Daily reported.

The fake banknotes were made up of 14 HK$500 notes, 20 HK$100 notes and two HK$50 notes. A small amount of methamphetamine was also found in the hotel room.

The couple were detained overnight on suspicion of possessing counterfeit notes, counterfeiting materials and implements and a dangerous substance.

The two allegedly used printers, A4 paper, glitter pens and paper shredders to forge the banknotes. Police said the quality of the forged banknotes was poor as they lacked many of the anti-counterfeiting features.

Police said fake banknotes were recently used by some non-Chinese people at convenience stores and to pay a taxi fare, Headline Daily reported. Officers were checking to see if the two suspects were linked to those cases.